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Are you a motivated female professional aspiring to move into the cyber managerial role and would like to attend our program?

Welcome to Tangible Uplift Program for Women in Cyber Security Leadership. The goal of this program is to start a national movement of tangible uplift to careers of women in cyber security. This program focuses on training and assisting 50 women across Australia with passing the CISM written exam in 2023 and increasing their cyber security skills, uplifting their credibility index and marketability, and assisting with job-readiness.


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Goals of the Tangible Uplift Program

The goal of the program is to train and assist 50 women across Australia in 2023 to pass the CISM written exam in order to increase their cybersecurity skills/knowledge, uplift their credibility index and marketability, provide a pathway to obtain CISM certification and assist with job readiness.

The Certified Information Security Manager or CISM Training by IT Masters sponsored by CAUDIT aims to make female IT professionals proficient in information security management.

The CISM course is designed to teach professionals international security practices and expertise to manage designs, administer and assess IT security for organizations of every size and scale. It helps build core competencies in maintaining and completely owning the security aspect of your organization's IT.

It is one of the most lucrative internationally acclaimed certifications with organizations offering high paying jobs to candidates who possess this credential.

•Upskilling - to strengthen the knowledge and skillsets of women in IT

•Certifying - to prepare women in IT for cybersecurity leadership and management roles

•Connecting - to build a network of peers and industry connections with like-minded individuals and mentors

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Cyber Security threats are rapidly materialising owing to the complex, sophisticated and well-funded nation state attacks resulting in catastrophic impacts that have the potential to send organisations to extinction. As a result, Cyber Security programs are forced to shorten delivery timeframes by half to reduce the cyber risk exposure to an acceptable level. Strategic program timeframes are now 18 to 24 months instead of 3-5 years.
This change is driving the demand for hiring professionals with “niche” Cyber Security qualifications, “specific” subject matter expertise and “significant” experience in delivering security solutions within the “specific” industry type. Therefore, the barriers to entry into the Cyber Security field have never been as demanding as it is today. This demand has made it even harder for an already difficult field for women to penetrate. However, the industry has not yet fully recognised the new challenge ahead of us.
Women need examples of other successful women role models or influencers in “sustained and upward trending” leadership roles to be able to visualise themselves in one. There is already an extremely low percentage of under 40 capable female leaders in Cyber Security senior leadership positions. In addition to that, the percentage of women applying for cyber leadership and managerial roles is incredibly low, and the current situation might further worsen the trend.
Fortunately, there is some flexibility at the mid to junior level roles where mentoring and training can be afforded. In addition, supply of professionals and graduates aspiring for mid to junior roles is also high. So, there is hope for junior roles.
The need for aggressive program delivery which has impacted hiring trends, the lateral movement of experienced women in middle management and senior management roles will continue to be a big challenge. The need to solve this specific problem has inspired me to think outside of the box and help address this issue in this field that I am truly passionate about. The Tangible Uplift Mentoring Program is an approach that I have the utmost confidence will have a positive impact on the Cyber Security profession.
The goal of the program is to train and assist 50 women across Australia in 2023 to pass the CISM written exam and increase their cybersecurity skills/knowledge, uplift their credibility index and marketability, and assist with job-readiness.

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